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The Melodio Foundation was founded with a joyful mission – to help people who have gone through a tough time find their spark again and take control of their lives. We believe that no matter what life throws our way, the most important thing is to find the motivation to keep going and discover our hidden talents and abilities.

What brings a smile to my face? What talents do I have to offer the world? How can I make it happen? That’s where we come in, by providing financial support for consultations with therapists and coaches. And after the coaching, we help by funding courses and treatments that help our clients develop their skills and reach their full potential! 

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“I have had many unpleasant experiences. When I was repairing a roof, the scaffolding broke and I fell from 13 meters straight onto the concrete. After a year I learned to walk again, but I got MRSA, which is an aggressive golden staph, in my left leg. I tried to save my leg, I managed to find a clinic in Poland. But because of the high cost of treatment, I had to sell my apartment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t save my leg. Now I would like to find peace and quiet within myself. Since 2015 I have been in a wheelchair, selling New Space and staying in various hostels. With my coach Karolina Chovancova, I got motivated and made it clear to myself that at the moment, the only thing that is really my life anchor is wheelchair accessible housing. Melodio is now helping me to find the right contacts and legal assistance to ensure that my application for an apartment meets all the necessary requirements and that I am granted wheelchair accessible housing.”


“I am studying to teach German at a German university. With the help of a coach, I want to find ways to fulfill my dream of becoming an interpreter after graduation, despite my disability. Although I crave the company of people, I spend most of my time alone. With a coach, I want to clarify my ideas about making friends and partnerships, and I want to find out what I should do better to make more friends and find a partner to start a family with in the future. I want a life change.”


“I have been living with cerebral palsy since birth. I love life, I love writing about it, but I love living it even more. I try to show that a wheelchair is not an insurmountable obstacle. I wish I could turn my dreams into reality, because nothing is impossible. Even a journey can be a destination – that’s why I would like to continue to develop and work on my personal development. While working with a coach, I realized that I would like to make a living as a copywriter. The Melodio Foundation supported me not only in education. Thanks to the Junior Academy of Marketing Girls and the opportunity to work for Melodio NF, I decided to pursue a self-employed career in marketing. This year I am looking forward to connecting with a mentor who will support me in the early days of my business.”


“In 2003 I became paralyzed after a car accident. I was a keen sportsman and I was drawn to sport. I represented our country in para-hockey, and now I’m taking up para-badminton again, and I want to achieve great results in that as well. With my coach Tereza Dyntar, I have learned important mental techniques that will help me to work better with my feelings after a loss. I will be able to pass on my new experience.”

Eva Doškářová

“My name is Eva and I have been in a wheelchair for 20 years due to nerve damage in my legs. I work in a nursing home as a dispatcher of assistants. I worked with coach Eva Strakova for a few months in 2023 and now I am being guided by trainer Zuzana Köhler to improve my telephone work. I want to improve in fundraising and also apply myself as a research interviewer.”


“Even though I was diagnosed with a rare disease, Friedreich’s ataxia, at a young age with a bleak prognosis, I try to have a positive attitude to life. Thanks to the disease, I was in a situation where I lost my current job. I want to start a new project with a coach while clarifying my vision and values.”

Belonging, love for music and inspiration

These are the core values that we want to share with you at our events. We organize musical concerts and cultural events, which help us raise funds for our charity activities.

We look forward to our shared experiences!

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